Serving traditional Thai food and hot Japanese dishes
Offering dine-in, carry-out, delivery, and online ordering
Lunch Specials daily from 11:00-3:00
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 11:00-10:00
Sunday 11:00-9:00
Thai Udon Cafe
5926 premier way suite 116
Naples, Florida 34109
phone 239-596-7331
fax 239-596-7332
Corner Goodlette/Pine Ridge
Magnolia Square

Chicken Volcano

Basil Duck

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Special Entrees

Scallop Basil: $19.95

Sauteed fresh scallops with basil sauce

Crispy Boneless Duck: $21.95

With choice of sauce: red curry, basil or sweet & sour

Fish Fillet: $17.95

Crispy white fish fillet with choice of red curry sauce, ginger sauce, or basil sauce

Lobster (1 tail): $19.95

Grilled lobster with choice of garlic sauce, basil sauce, or ginger sauce

Gung Ob Woon Sen: $14.95

Steamed shrimp and clear noodles, served with special sauce in a pot

Chicken Volcano: $17.95

Grilled chicken breast on bed of steamed vegetables and chili sauce

Chicken & Shrimp Company: $17.95

Chicken and shrimp cooked in a peanut sauce infusion, with broccoli and tomato

Squid Basil: $17.95

Sauteed fresh squid with basil sauce

Spicy Salmon: $19.95

Grilled salmon with a creamy green curry, with carrots and zucchini

Mussel Basil: $17.95

Sauteed fresh mussels with basil sauce

MIxed Seafood & Soft Shell Crab: $21.95

Crispy soft shell crab with mixed seafood in green curry sauce

Grilled Shrimp & Scallop: $20.95

Grilled shrimp & scallop with steamed mixed vegetables in garlic sauce

Grilled Salmon & Shrimp: $21.95

Grilled salmon and shrimp with panang curry sauce

Three Friends Cashew Nut: $17.95

Sauteed shrimp, chicken & pork with assorted mixed vegetables with chili sauce